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IB Learner Profile: Principled, Open Minded, Thinker, Reflective, Caring, Knowledgeable, Communicator, Risk Taker, Reflective, and Inquirer.
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GRADE 2 Room E-1

One hundred years from now

It won’t matter

What kind of car I drove

What kind of house I lived in

How much money I had in the bank

Nor what my clothes looked like


The world may be a little better

Because I was important

In the life of a child

Author: (excerpt from “Within My Power” by Forest Witcraft)


Recent Posts

Mother's Day Celebration

Reminder:  E1's Mother's Day Celebration on Friday, May 12 at 1:30 in the cafeteria.  Hope to see you there!

I.B. Project Due Date Change

Hello families!  The due date for our I.B. Project -"Creating My Own Product" has been extended to Thursday, May 11.  Please remind your child to bring the completed question sheet, presentation rubric, and product.  Neat quality work is expected.  Some students will present on Thursday and others will present on Friday (depending on time and schedule).  Presentation will be graded.  (See previous post if you need another copy of the project.)  Also, homework will slightly change this week to give your child more time to practice his/her presentation.  Please read and sign your child's Planner daily.  Mahalo!   

Flat Stanley Address and IB project

Just wanted to remind you that if you haven't done so already, please send in the address you would like Flat Stanley to visit (city other than Ewa Beach, another state, or country).  A memo went home with your child on Thursday, January 19.  Address is due on Monday, January 23. 
Also, some of our Language Arts weekly homework assignments in the next two weeks will not be assigned.  (Please check your child's Planner daily.)  This is to give your child more time to complete his/her "My Ideal Community Brochure" IB project due Thursday, February 2.  Please make sure to have your child practice for the oral presentation.  Mahalo for your support!


In January 2017, we will start to learn how to use a dictionary.  Dictionary Skills homework will be assigned (please refer to Spelling Homework Schedule for Wednesday).  If you do not have a dictionary to use at home and would like to purchase one, you might want to consider Children's Dictionary by Scholastic because of its user friendly style.  It is available to order online at (class code H68R7).  Later, we will also learn how to use an online dictionary.  Our goal is for your child to be proficient in the use of both the physical and online dictionary. 

Aloha Parents!  Thank you for attending your child's Parent/Teacher conference.  For those of you who chose to take the signature page home, please remember to send it to school with your child. 
We are currently in Unit 3 of our Wonders Language Arts program this week.  As stated in your child's Spelling Homework Schedule (located on the inside cover of  your child's Spelling Notebook) whenever there are only 3 school days in the week, no post test will be given.  Your child will continue to have Spelling homework this week. This week's homework progress report will be combined with next week's. 
Also, since there is no school on the two Fridays we're originally scheduled to have P.E. this month, P.E. has been moved to  Wednesday 11/9 and 11/23.  Please remind your child to wear athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water. 

Aloha Parents!  We are at Week 6 of our Language Arts Wonders Unit 1.  This week we will be reviewing and taking our Unit 1 Summative Assessment.  No new spelling words will be assigned for Mrs. Carter's class.  Next week, we will begin Wonders Unit 2 Week 1. i -Ready lessons will be assigned beginning this week.  Please look out for this letter in your child's red folder. 
Healthy Snack Friendly Reminder:  Our school has a healthy snack policy which means that all snacks should be nutritious.  This includes birthday treats for class. Please refer to the IPES Parent Handbook and Mrs. Carter's General Information letter sent home in the beginning of the year.  If you have any questions regarding our school's healthy snack policy, please see our administration.  Thanks!    

Picture Day & PE 8/26

This Friday, 8/26 is Picture Day.  It is also our first P.E. class with Mr. A.  All students must wear athletic shoes for P.E.  Please remind your child to bring a bottle of water.  You may choose to send your child with extra clothes to change into before P.E. class. (We will be taking our pictures before P.E.)  

Aloha Parents!  I just wanted to send out a reminder that your child's Who We Are I.B. Project is due this Wednesday, 8/24.  We are looking for neat, quality work.  The oral presentation will be graded.  Please refer to the rubrics provided.  Spelling Choice #3 will not be assigned this week to give your child more time to practice his/her presentation at home.  Due to our schedule and the number of presentations in the classroom, your child will do his/her presentation either this week or early next week.  Thank you for working with your child!


Picture Day for E-1 is Friday, August 26.  If you are choosing to purchase pictures, please send the order form with your child on Picture Day. 

Aloha Parents! Please read below for information regarding Spelling, Flashcards, and Comprehension Questions Assignment.

(*If your child sees Mr. Judson for Language Arts or/and Math, please refer to his instructions.)

  • Spelling: Please remind your child to write his/her name and date on every assignment turned in. Your child keeps the Spelling Notebook in the backpack so that s/he has access to the word list daily. Thus, all spelling assignments should be done on folder paper and not in the notebook. The title of the Spelling assignment should be written at the top of the paper.  Spelling Test #1 will go home on Monday and your child needs to write each misspelled word correctly 3x; do not erase misspelled words on the test.  Spelling Test #2 will be administered on Thursday since Friday is a holiday. Please review the Spelling Homework schedule located on the inside cover of the notebook.
  • Math Flashcards: We have been practicing with our addition flashcards at school. Your child should also be practicing at home. Thus, your child will keep his/her flashcards in the backpack so s/he can use it both at school and home. If your child still needs a set, please do get one for your child or create your own flashcards. Later your child will practice using subtraction flashcards.
  • Comprehension Questions Assignment: This assignment will be assigned every other week beginning this week on Tuesday. In Part A, your child will read the passage (with or without help) and answer the three questions in complete sentences using part of the question in each response. In Part B, your child will read the passage aloud to you and parent will fill out the chart provided. This will help you to check your child’s progress in reading fluency/expression. On the back, your child will reread our story of the week in the Reading/Writing Workshop textbook and finish the graphic organizer we started in class. Your child can record these stories and passages in his/her Reading Log.  
  • All homework due on the last day of the week.