Iroquois Point Elementary

IPES Learner Powers: Cooperative, Reflective, Self-Directed, Perseverance, and Courageous.

Adult Supervisor Positions Available

Adult Supervisor Position at Iroquois Point Elementary School
Applications can be picked up from the front office during school hours
Position Hours: M-F, 9:40AM - 12:00PM
DESCRIPTION: Under the direction of the administration, supervise and monitor the behavior of students at various times during the day and assure their health and safety. Enforce campus rules and regulations; inform students of acceptable school behavior. Intercede in potential problem situations between students; provide assistance to staff in discipline of students, and prepare referrals as necessary. Patrol and supervise assigned areas of campus, ensuring students are safe, orderly and within supervised areas. Communicate with students, administrators and staff concerning student behavior and assigned activities; report incidents involving students to school administrators and complete required accident or incident forms.
• Ability to relate to children in a positive but firm manner
• Good interpersonal and communication skills with children and adults
• Ability to work as a member of a team
• Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children
• Emotionally resilient in working with challenging behaviors
Knowledge and Understanding:
• Knowledge and understanding of developmental stages of children physically, emotionally, and cognitively
• Basic childcare health and safety knowledge
• Strong work ethic
• Honest
• Punctual