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The mission of PCNC office is to develop a sense of community and a caring, learning network to strengthen family, neighborhood, school, and classroom for every student's well-being and attainment of standards. It does this by:


· Communicating: Communication between home and school is regular, two way, and meaningful. Please keep give us your email so I can provide you with important information.


· Parenting: Responsible parenting is promoted and supported. Look for regular Parent to Parent sessions and give us feed back on topics that interest you.


· Student Learning: Parents and families play an integral role in assisting student learning and development toward college and career readiness.


· Volunteering: Parents and families are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought. We need your help- there are many areas in which we can use your assistance.


· School Decision Making: Parents and families are partners in the decisions that affect children and families.


· Collaborating with the Community: Community resources are made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning. Stop by room    A-1, I have lots of community information.




Naomi Paslay


IPES PCNC Facilitator

(808)499-6500 x 255



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