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IB Learner Profile: Principled, Open Minded, Thinker, Reflective, Caring, Knowledgeable, Communicator, Risk Taker, Reflective, and Inquirer.
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When students believe that adults in the school care about them, 

have high expectations for their education,

and will provide the support essential to their success,

they thrive.

(Best Practices monograph, John Hopkins University)


Welcome Back!!!

IPES 2017-2018


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome back to a new school year!  I hope you and your child had many bonding moments this summer and are ready and well rested for the new school year.


I am excited to let you know that this summer I attended the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Foundational K-2 Training which is a district and school initiative. This 2-day training will help me to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.  But wasn’t this already our goal for students? Well, yes.  We were and still are aiming for all students to reach grade level expectations (Common Core State Standards) and the GLOs (General Learning Outcomes).  So… how will AVID help us do this?  The AVID training provided teaching strategies designed to increase student engagement and learning. These strategies continue through upper elementary grades, middle school, and high school for all AVID certified schools.


I look forward implementing research based strategies to engage students and ensure that they are making progress in learning. In special education, students are regularly progress monitored to ensure that they are meeting their individualized learning goals and objectives towards the Common Core State Standards, but this does not limit me from embedding AVID into daily routines and procedures promoting engagement and learning.


Welcome back to an exciting year in learning and growing.  Check out my new web links!



Joyce Uyehara

Special Education, K-1