Anton Penaredondo » Mr. Anton Peñaredondo and 4th Grade Ohana (Room F2A)

Mr. Anton Peñaredondo and 4th Grade Ohana (Room F2A)



My name is Anton Peñaredondo. Although Mr. Peñaredondo seems challenging, give it a go, it’s really not that hard. But, students can call me Mr. Peña for short. 

It’s interesting how life doesn’t always provide you with a direct route. For me, becoming a teacher wasn’t direct. It’s something I felt I always wanted to do but didn’t have the courage fulfill until after graduating from San Francisco State University with a business degree; a totally different field from education. One day however, the “Mad Hot Ballroom” played at my local movie theater. It was an inspiration for me and showed the impact teachers can have on the lives of students. Soon after I decided on a career change and eventually obtained my Elementary School Teaching Credential.


I then went on to teach in California for 2 years. Sadly, because of California’s economic crisis at the time, my short time there came to a close. However, it opened the door for me to work abroad. I spend 4 years working in South Korea, teaching English at the elementary level for 2 years then moving on to teaching at the University level for the last 2 years. I then moved to Madrid, Spain where I taught for another year.


This leads me to now. I’ve been working at Iroquois Point Elementary since 2017. I’m proud to have been a part of the IPES Ohana and I work with a great team of teachers. I look forward to another exciting school year!


Phone: 499-6500 ext. 284
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